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Credit Card Discount


Never miss out on the best discount your credit cards have to offer…ever!“CCD” is the app that allows you to avail the best discount for you, from all your credit and debit cards. CCD helps you to avail Discount offers on Dining, Shopping and Lifestyle across India in the most convenient way just in 2 clicks.Discover Dining, Shopping and Lifestyle offers based on location of your choice or if your GPS is enabled then an augmented reality feature that allows you to search offers around your location.
Most people have more than half adozen credit cards in their wallet. “CCD”, tells you which of these credit cards to reach for to get the best discount when you are dinning out, buying groceries or shopping. Credit Cards issuing banks change their discount offers frequently, It is almost impossible to keep track of these changes and maintain the flyers from the banks with discount offers Downloading the “CCD” app to your Smart Phone will ensure that you never lose out on the best offer!
Add your CardsOnce you download “CCD” to your smart phone, it asks you to check which credit cards are there in your wallet and then it tells you which card offers you what discount at your current location or at other locations of your choice “CCD”, supports more than 150 business and consumer credit cards and is adding more daily, the top 15 credit card issuers in India and over 150 credit cards, which covers greater than 80% of all transactions. We have a feature in the app whereby users can inform us if a card is missing, we address those missing cards on priority.